A Japanese artist amazed his followers with an incredibly realistic 3D printed mask of his face, perfect down to the smallest detail.

Lalastein, a “professional 3D scanning expert and professional cameraman who has appeared in the closing credits of many Japanese films,” presented his hyper-realistic 3D printing on Twitter some time ago and the photos went viral almost instantly. This is not surprising when you consider how incredibly realistic its creation is: seeing the photos of the man and the mask, you can see how almost perfect it is, right down to the hairs of the eyebrows and the dimples on his cheeks.

Social media were stunned by the realistic mask, with a plethora of praise for the author for the job well done. A common question was whether the mask managed to “violate” the blocking of facial recognition on Apple and Android phones, but apparently, the creator of the mask tested it with some iPhone models, but failed to fool the software.