The foods expired without being consumed are the main source of food waste. Only in 2018, 2.2 million tons of food have been thrown away, valued at 8.5 billion Euro.

In most cases, this is due to a lack of attention that leads to forgetting the purchases made or to an incorrect preservation of food. Fortunately, there are some long-lasting foods that can be consumed as needed, without having to worry about the impending expiry date.

expiry dateThis is obviously not fresh food, which can also be purchased in large quantities and carefully placed in the pantry of the house. But for example, white rice, if stored in oxygen-free sealing containers with a temperature below 40 degrees, can last even over 30 years! Like rice, red beans also keep for a long time, preserving their freshness and the proteins they are rich in. Similarly, salt, sugar and soy sauce can last for years, without showing the slightest sign of deterioration.

To avoid having your fridge full of expired food, you can prefer powdered milk to fresh milk, which must be drunk within a few days, and replace yoghurts and desserts with honey, a healthier and more natural alternative as well as lasting in time. It is even estimated that the oldest honey is 5,500 years old!

Another food that challenges time is vinegar, characterised by a preserving agent that keeps its organoleptic qualities unchanged. It is no coincidence that certain foods such as gherkins, peppers or eggs are preserved pickled.

black-background-blur-bowl-riceAmong the expired foods that most of all end up in garbage is definitely the pasta. You can reduce waste by buying the dehydrated one, which swells when it is cooked in boiling water. No matter how old it is, it will always be good even after one year. Similarly, soluble coffee that is practical to be prepared (just a little hot water to prepare it) or to be kept (a simple jar).

Finally, as an alternative to easily perishable expired foods there is coconut oil, a real cure for the well-being of the organism thanks to the good fats it is rich in. Besides being an extremely versatile product in its various uses, ranging from the kitchen to beauty cosmetic treatments, it requires the least attention and, if hermetically stored at room temperature, can be consumed well beyond the expiry date of traditional foods.