Using Street View technology, the search engine takes users inside the ISS. It is also possible to use a simulator to experiment with docking maneuvers.

Google Maps

Google crosses the doors of the International Space Station (ISS) thanks to a virtual tour uploaded on Google Maps. Two weeks have passed since the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon shuttle , renamed Endeavor during the mission, which brought a crew launched from the US soil with a new generation shuttle onto the ISS. Created with the collaboration of five different space agencies (NASA, Esa, Roscosmos, Csa and Jaxa), the ISS makes about 15.5 orbits per day and is a modular laboratory that travels at a speed of about 27. 600 kilometers per hour in the low orbit of our planet.

It can accommodate a maximum of 6 people at a time . But in order to be able to see it from the inside, even without being an astronaut, Google thought of reconstructing a virtual tour through images, using the technology of the street view of Maps . Unlike astronauts, who must be launched into orbit to reach the ISS, web users will need a simple click to be transported within the various modules of the orbiting station.

By accessing the virtual tour from a mobile device, it is possible to use its motion sensors to explore the interior of the station at 360 degrees . From desktop just use the mouse to interact with the tour click on the points of interest in order to learn how they work thanks to the additional notes inserted by Big G.

Even if only in a virtual way Google revives the experience lived in first person also by Italian astronauts like Samantha Cristoforetti, Paolo Nespoli and Luca Parmitano and by all the others who have stayed, and are still staying, on the ISS. For a complete experience, before starting the tour, it is possible to make a docking at the International Space Station using the docking maneuver simulator used by SpaceX on board its shuttle. Once the shuttle is parked correctly, you can board the Iss, virtually.