The rubble is still there, and it will stay for a few days more. The 16 wounded, three in serious condition including the mayor Emanuele Crestini and a 5-year-old girl, will carry the signs for a long time; if not forever. Rocca di Papa has woken up with a strong smell of gas, not so much in the air but in the head because what happened yesterday will be difficult to forget

A tragedy which investigates for culpable disaster and serious and very serious injuries. The whole area of ​​the historic center has been seized while the Carabinieri of Frascati and the Fire Brigade continue with the investigations also today.


The military of the Arma, immediately after the incident, have listened to witnesses and collected important clues such as a rag that could have been used to buffer, to the gas leak… But not only. Three workers from a company who were carrying out work there were questioned.

From the first reconstructions, the three workers would have pierced the ground with an auger, affecting the natural gas pipeline. Instead of sounding the alarm, they fled. It is also possible that they tried to stop the leak with that rag found. Then, just before 11:20pm, the explosion. Black smoke and collapsing buildings. The screams and the wounded, municipal employees, politicians and children from the nearby school. Three of them went to the hospital, the most serious – 5 years old – was taken to the Bambin Gesù hospital. In serious condition, the mayor Emanuele Cristini and the commander of the Municipal Fabrizio Gatta. The most worrying, with 44% of burns on the body, a municipal employee of 68 years.