Powerful storm warning! According to various weather sites, today a powerful storm will be hitting the Maltese Islands. The threat of bad weather seems to be mostly in the form of a two powerful storms. This warning stands as from 2pm today to 12pm tomorrow.

It appears that a low pressure range on the Gulf of Gabes will push a mass of unstable air closer to the centre of the Mediterranean. Upon contact with the hot water around here, this mass of unstable air is expected to intensify and develop various rainfall and storms, whilst isolated rain is possible all the time until tomorrow late. Storms can be powerful and with thunders.

Image: Facebook / Brian Taylor

The warm sea around us will lead to the rainfall and storms with thunder to reach their peak at sea between Tunisia, Sicily and the Maltese Islands. In consequence two storms are expected to overwhelm the Maltese Islands. It was said to expect heavy torrential rain, very strong wind and hail for some time if the predicted storm hits.

The situation will change for the better tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, be careful and avoid going out in stormy weather unless necessary.