Announcement to first users: Direct Messages will be directly linked to Messenger on Instagram. It is moving towards cross-platform messaging.

Facebook has taken a new step towards unifying chats with Messenger and Instagram. Just some users of the latter social network have received via app (both for Android and for iOs) the warning of ” a new way to send messages “.

In essence, new messaging system features are on the way . First: a new, more colourful and emoji-rich look. The message bubbles vary from blue to purple as you scroll through the conversation.

Second, and more importantly, Instagram will now allow you to connect and chat with friends who use Facebook . As The Verge pointed out , some users have noticed that after making the latest Instagram update, the Direct Message icon has been replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo , although the exchange is not yet possible.

Image: Facebook

Among the new features acquired by Instagram’s Direct Message is the possibility of assigning a reaction to the message, exactly as it happens in Messenger. Furthermore, you can directly reply to a message by selecting it and the user interface has changed from the classic Instagram view.

And now the announcement of the integration of chats by Menlo Park marks a step forward towards a cross-social messaging system , able to connect Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp users regardless of the platform used.

The revolution of the message system inside Menlo Park platforms is getting closer and closer. When this project actually starts, users will be able to send a message to their contacts from Instagram and get a response through Messenger or WhatsApp. It will no longer matter which platform is used to chat, as long as it falls within the Menlo Park family. A centralization model, which has a clear reference: the Chinese Wechat , an environment in which users in China do everything and which has always inspired Mark Zuckerberg.