Surely you will have happened, turning on your Facebook boards, to see friends with their own avatar. What is an avatar? The social platform of Mark Zuckerberg has made available mini representations of themselves, cartoon format.

In competition with the popular Avatar Bitmjoji, but different from Memoji of Apple, here’s how to create an avatar of your own.

Facebook, how to create your own avatar

Facebook avatar

To get the official Facebook avatar, and not one of the many clones on Facebook, you need to touch the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner of the screen if you are using the Facebook mobile app .

This will bring up the menu page. Scroll down the Menu page until you see “See more”, then click the down arrow. This is where you will see the “Avatar” option .

You will see a page titled “Get stickers for you: share your personalised stickers with friends” . Click Start and have fun creating your avatar.