Twenty dollars a month in gift cards in exchange for access to all data on the smartphone. It is the proposal that Facebook offered to all young users between the ages of 13 and 35, who decided to install the Facebook Research application. This is what the US TechCrunch website reported. Even the Zuckerberg company has confirmed the existence of this app, but making clear that there is nothing secret in the program.

iPhone X beside MacBook

The app is available for three years only for the youngest and once installed monitors all the activities of the smartphone and then stores the data received. The recipients also include minors, who can only install the application following a parental authorisation.

A Facebook spokesman, however, reiterated that “it was not about spying, since all the members followed a clear registration procedure that asked for their consent and were paid to participate”. The social network also stated that minors who participated in the program are less than 5%.

Meanwhile, the application will no longer be available for iPhone and iPad. In fact, even if users are aware of being monitored, the program is based on a VPN (virtual private network) that violates the guidelines of Apple developers. However, it will still be possible to download the app on Android.