A faster and lighter Messenger, a commercial catalog for WhatsApp, a restyling for Facebook that will be enriched with the “dating” service, or romantic appointments and the virtual experience of Oculus. 

F8 day 1: the annual Menlo Park giant developer conference starts with a lot of news, with at least 5,000 experts and fans of the “social” galaxy meeting this year.


When the lights go down and on the stage of the Mc Enery Convention Center in San Jose, California, Mark Zuckerberg rises, the expectations are very high. Re “Zuck” opens the two days focusing on the efforts made by Facebook to create a platform of privacy, allowing users, or rather friends of the social community, to be able to express themselves freely and feel connected without feeling the risk of being violated. “This is a fundamental step in how we make our products and work in our company,” says Mark, launching the stage to the other leaders of the social giant to show the new entries of this 2019 edition of the F8.

Everyone is the bearer of one or more innovations concerning the five pillars of the Menlo Park hi-tech forge. There is Facebook Messenger, the messaging service, for which there is a new app for macOS and Windows 10, “private” social features in line with the new vision of “digital living room”, as opposed to the current “square” one , and Project LightSpeed, which promises a complete but less heavy and faster mobile app. There is WhatsApp that will be equipped with the “Business Catalog”, a tool intended in particular for the commercial use of chat so that the interlocutors can consult the catalog while they are engaged in a dedicated conversation.

zuckerberg facebookFacebook, on the other hand, abandons blue as part of a restyling that sees the banner disappear that has crowned the upper part of the social since its origins. The “Stories” function takes on more visibility to reinforce the concept of community: “For each of you, for each of us, there is a community”, repeats like a mantra king “Zuck”. In one post, the company explained that ” there are tens of millions of groups active on Facebook “. When people find the right one, it often becomes a significant part of how we use Facebook. Also for this reason the new “Meet New Friends” function was launched, but above all FB Dating , or the romantic dating service that combines opportunities for interesting contacts with absolute privacy.

Even Instagram is subject to a style review but above all to an enrichment that allows you to buy directly from product creators, organize fundraising for specific causes and will be equipped with a room with which you can share images in a more creative way. Finally Virtual Reality with the two new features, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, two tools, or rather two gaming platforms, which allow you to immerse yourself in a sensational virtual reality experience. Both start at $ 399 and orders are active from today. Try them on your own skin, however, it will only be possible on May 21st.