Nadia Toffa, a well-known TV face and host of Le Iene, died at 40 years after a long battle with cancer. The editorial staff of Le Iene announces this with a post on Facebook: “You fought head-on, with a smile, with dignity and unleashing all your strength, until the end, until today”.

The funeral chamber will be set up at the Santa Chiara theatre in Brescia, while the funeral will be celebrated on the morning of August 16th at 10:30 am in the city’s cathedral.

From the beginning of July, Nadia Toffa was admitted to the Domus Salutis of Brescia, where she died this morning at 7:39 am. The conditions of the hostess of ‘Le Iene’, had worsened in May and her friends had reported that she was feeling increasingly weak.

To officiate the funeral, which will take place on August 16th in the cathedral of Brescia, will be Father Maurizio Patriciello. “Nadia wanted me to celebrate her funeral. It will cost me a lot, but I go to Brescia willingly and with great gratitude. I will leave in the afternoon of Ferragosto to find myself in church at 10.30am on the 16th. I have the duty to bring her all the affection and the gratitude of the inhabitants”, he wrote on Facebook.

“Following an illness last December (it was 2017) I was operated urgently,” said Nadia Toffa in Silvia Toffanin’s study to “Verissimo”, last October: “Then I did chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It all seemed over, but in March, during a check-up, the bad news came. The cancer had returned and they operated on me again.”

Since then, the “Iena” has begun her battle against cancer, with a series of radiotherapy and chemotherapy cycles. The hair loss, the haters, who criticised her “excessive” social exposure, and then the relapses, the tiredness… Nothing seemed to be able to stop or take away her smile, the one she showed every time in the hopeful posts, with which kept her followers constantly updated, thus becoming, for many patients like her, a symbol of strength and tenacity. Her latest post on Instagram dates back to July 1st, before the disease worsened. To accompany her, as always, a shot in which she smiles, next to her little dog Totò.

Then nothing more, until today’s terrible news. “And maybe now someone might think you lost, but those who lived like you, NEVER LOSE”. With these words begins the memory of ‘Le Iene’ dedicated to their colleague… “You fought head-on, with a smile, with dignity and unleashing all your strength, until the end, until today. Moreover in life you have always fought, struggled, even when you came to us, and maybe that’s why you won us over right away. It was love at first sight with you, Toffa. It was so easy to like each other, inevitable to fall in love, and that’s why it’s so hard to see you leave”.

“Destiny, karma, fate, bad luck decided to hit you, OUR Toffa, the toughest of all, while someone did not believe in your struggle, we remained silent and you smiled,” the post continues. “You were able to forgive everyone, even fate, and perhaps the monster you fought non-stop… cancer, which until recently everyone timidly called ‘the incurable evil’ and which, thanks to your battle, now it has a proper name”. “Don’t be ashamed to look at its face and call the bastard by name, you said, that maybe it gets a little scared if you look him straight in the eyes. And since you were able to forgive the unforgivable, dear Nadia, we can only hope with all our heart – concludes the post – that you were able to forgive us too, that we were not able to help you as much as we wanted. And here are the hyenas that mourn their sweet warrior, helpless before all the pain and the knowledge that only your smile, Nadia, could console us, only your energy and your strength could make us go back to being the same as always. Nothing will be the same as before for us”.