He left his children in the car, a boy and a girl of one year, convinced that he had left them in childcare and then went to work. Hours later, when there was nothing for the two children to do, he became aware of the horror.

It happened in New York, to Juan Rodriguez, a veteran of the war in Iraq, who, pending trial, was released by the New York judge upon payment of a $100,000 bail. The man now accused of culpable homicide, pleaded not guilty, despite the desperate statements made to prosecutors “I had a moment of darkness, now my children are dead, I killed my children”.

As often happens to people who live moments of high stress, even in this case, the veteran was convinced that he had left the twins, Luna and Phoenix, in childcare, to then continue the usual route to the workplace. According to reports from the New York Post, Rodriguez, before forgetting to leave the twins at childcare, he had left his oldest son, aged 4, in kindergarten.

The children, according to a spokesman for the New York police, died Friday afternoon at around 4 pm, after hours spent in the car without the passage of air and with the outside temperature high.

From the report of the doctor who carried out an initial examination on the bodies of the two babies, the internal body temperature exceeded 42 degrees. “This is my worst nightmare ever. Everything I do reminds me of my sweet, intelligent, beautiful children and I’m still incredulous. Even though I’m suffering more than I ever imagined possible, I still love my husband,” Marissa Rodriguez said. “He is a good person and a great father and I know he would never have done anything to intentionally hurt our children. I will never overcome this loss and know that I will never forgive myself for this mistake. It was a horrible accident and I need him by my side to cross it together,” she continued.