He threw his four children of ages between three and eight from the balcony of his house. It happened in Croatia in the town of Pag at dawn.

A man threw his four children, from the first floor at a height of about six meters causing them serious injuries. It is a three-year-old boy, and three little sisters, five, seven and eight years old respectively. The neighbours immediately alerted the authorities, and the four children are now in the Zadar hospital.

The only one to have suffered minor injuries is the five-year-old girl, while the other three are in very serious conditions. The seven-year-old has severe head injuries and is in a state of coma.

Some witnesses said that the courtyard was full of blood, with the whole scene being utterly terrifying. The father, whose identity has not yet been made known, would have gone immediately after the monstrous gesture in the police station, a few hundred meters away.

With him, at the time of the tragedy, there was also the mother of the four children, now at their side in the hospital. The local press writes that the two spouses are from northern Croatia and that they had moved to the island of Pag some years ago in search of work. There were rumours that it was a couple with many problems and that a fifth daughter, now eighteen, would have been removed from the family roof on the advice of social assistance centres.