We all feel somewhat tired at times. This fast lifestyle we are leading leaves us without energy at the end of the day. Sometimes, for some reason, we wake up feeling tired after a whole night of sleep.

A nineteen-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital on Saturday night, apparently, because of what is being called – a domestic accident. The boy had a battery in the rectum that had to be removed.

Hospitalized after putting a battery in his ass to get more energy

The boy went to the hospital with severe lower abdomen pain caused by the object that, he recognized, had been introduced voluntarily to “give more energy to myself”. It looks like the boy had spent the whole weekend studying and was feeling exhausted. Googling on remedies of how to feel more energetic, he somehow found information stating that a battery could do the trick… and you know what happened from there!

The doctors removed the battery and all was back to normal, so as to say. However it looks like this might not be the last they have seen of him, since he has a history of silly doings. Apparently, a few months ago he swallowed an iron bar because the doctor had told him his iron levels were low!!!!!

A clear case of, “Kif tista’ ma ċċempilx?!”