To save the kitten’s life who by mistake found itself  in the midst of dirty laundry, 10 thousand dollars in donations have been collected.

The American  family  Carroll-Kirchoff launched the appeal on the “GoFundMe” website , guilty of having forgotten little Felix in the washing machine. After the complete wash, the cat had gone blind and also had water in the lungs. Immediately taken to the Animal Emergency Center in Minnesota, he was treated  and rescued.

Stefani, the mother of the family, was about to start the second wash when she noticed a  white paw dangling from the porthole . It  survived a 35-minute spin: a quick wash but long enough to be lethal. The veterinarians of the center have however assured that Felix will recover soon, even if the owner will never forgive herself for having forgotten him in the laundry.

The care of the cat took your family 3 thousand dollars to be paid immediately in cash and 7 thousand at a later time. To finance these therapies Stefani’s daughter launched an appeal on a website. The woman – who is a volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center and also works in a pet grooming salon – commented on her forgetfulness: “All this gave me a reason to fight harder for animals and their well-being”.