Few are those of us who have never suffered from insomnia… blessed are those! I for one, have suffered from insomnia before and still sometimes do. Sleeping well  is very important to recover the energies and face the next day. You do not always go to bed quite serene and if the period requires, in addition to  natural remedies to sleep better, we can take advantage of some pro-sleep foods that by virtue of their properties reconcile the rest.

woman sleeping on blue throw pillowThe following are a number of pro-sleep to help you sleep better…

Cherry: Cherries, and especially cherry juice, according to a research from Louisiana State University helps you sleep better. The experiment involved several sleepless adults who were given  250 grams of cherry juice twice a day for two weeks.

On average they slept 84 minutes longer than those who were compared with placebo or drank different fruit juices. The secret lies in the amino acid tryptophan contained in cherries, which helps to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm. In particular, the ruby ​​red pigments of the cherries contain an enzyme that reduces the inflammation and degradation of the tryptophan, making it perform its functions more effectively.

Blue fish, seaweed and seafood: According to a study by the University of Oxford, blue fish, seafood and  algae, rich  omega-3  (polyunsaturated fatty acids, good fats) improve the sleep of children, generating less resistance in going to sleep and minor disturbances of the sleep-wake rhythm.

Nuts and almonds: Dried fruit is among the pro-sleep foods that make you  sleep better,  especially nuts and almonds. This is because the first, according to  a study by the University of Texas are an excellent source of melatonin, a substance that improves the quality of sleep. Almonds  containing high levels of magnesium naturally facilitate nocturnal rest, according to a study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. On the contrary, a lack of magnesium can alter the sleep-wake rhythm and cause sleep disturbances.

Ready to nod off?