A man died in the sea at┬áMarina Palmense in front of his daughter’s eyes. A Sunday that ended in tragedy for a family living in┬áRome who had just arrived in Fermano for a vacation.

The man was surprised by an illness in the water, they tried to revive him but every attempt was in vain. Another death on the coast of Fermo, after the elder who died last week following an illness while walking in the water, not far from his group of friends.

Before that, there had already been two other deaths at sea since the beginning of the summer, in Lido di Fermo and in Porto Sant’Elpidio, during the hottest of days. Certainly the eighty-year-old who died yesterday, could never have imagined that when he immersed himself to find some coolness from the heat, that he too would have suffered the same fate.

The elder man, a cardiopath, in fact died in front of his daughter’s eyes who was not far from him. The man, 82 years old, who arrived from Rome, together with his family, had entered the water to cool off but an illness was fatal and for the 80-year-old there was nothing to do.

The tragedy took place around noon, on the free beach of Marina Palmense, next to the Spinnaker. To intervene was the lifeguard who carries out the rescue service at the Spinnaker, who rescued him and brought him to the shore but unfortunately there was nothing left to do. On the spot the Blue Cross of Porto San Giorgio and the soldiers of the Harbour office who received the signal from the Carabinieri arrived immediately. A huge shock for the victim’s daughter and wife, who had arrived with the caravan for a vacation period at the Jolly campsite.