Flight canceled due to the controllers’ strike, Ryanair sentenced to compensate nine friends… so the judge decided for a group of 9 passengers who will now receive 400 Euro each. The Palermo-Budapest flight of 8 March 2018 never took off, but the low-cost airline had known about the problem for at least two months…

Ryanair aircraft on the Falcone-Borsellino runway

Ryanair was sentenced to compensate some travellers for a canceled flight, also liquidating the so-called “ruined vacation damage”. The Palermo Peace Judge Carolina Arena has established that the low cost airline will have to pay 400 Euro each to a group of friends. Vacationers should have reached Budapest and then moved to Prague, but due to the national strike of the controllers they remained on the ground and had to give up their well-deserved rest.

The group of friends, once they discovered that their holiday on 8 March 2018 would never even begin, found themselves forced to turn to the lawyer Biagio Falzone to assert their rights. After verification it emerged that the cancellation was not at all “unexpected”. “It is also noted – the judge writes in the judgment filed last June 15 – that from the examination of the proceedings it emerges that the defendant company was already aware of the strike declaration for about two months, without however informing the passengers in time so that they were in a position to reschedule their holiday “.