From the start of the pandemic until today, numerous flights have been cancelled due to safety and health protection of passengers, a solution obviously required by government regulations and common sense.

Therefore, all those who booked a flight in advance in this time range saw their investment go up in smoke because of the Coronavirus , a factor that obviously led the unfortunate travellers to hope for a refund from the various airlines, which, however, are currently denying it, replacing it with a voucher or a voucher for a flight.

Apparently, however, there is little hope to be able to recover your refund.


The bigger problem concerns precisely the airlines, which, showing off the famous merchant’s ear, are avoiding the possibility of repaying the money in favour of flight vouchers lasting 12 months.

Just RyanAir , the so famous flight company, is trying in every way to avoid the return of money, even going so far as to block payments for 90 days , no money for those who are entitled to it for 3 months.

Apparently, however, airlines do not have the power to deny you a refund, in fact the Passenger’s Right Card is clear, if a flight is cancelled, even for exceptional reasons, you are entitled to a refund of the 100% ticket fee , which must be paid within 7 days.

According to what is stated in regulation no. 261/04 established by the European Community in 2004, article 7 and paragraph 3, it works like this, the companies cannot deny the reimbursement, according to the law firm.

Therefore, if you fall into the category of passengers who have lost their flight due to Coronavirus , you have the right to refuse the voucher and claim a full refund of the cost of the ticket.