Fuel supply problems that saw many flights at Manchester Airport cancelled and left thousands of passengers stranded have now been resolved. There was a total of 69 cancellations – 37 arrivals and 32 departures on Sunday afternoon, with a number of other flights hit by delays.

Spokespersons for the Airport said the problems were due to a power issue, which made its impact in the early hours as some travellers were forced to find alternative ways to reach their destinations. The airport remained open throughout all of this, with passengers asked to contact their specific airline for further updates and information about their flights.

Flights cancelled at Manchester Airport

Travelers reported they had already boarded their planes when the problem arose and were asked to wait for two hours sitting on grounded aircraft. Others managed to make their way by other means of transport to reach their holiday destination by changing their travel plans.

In a statement, Manchester airport said “most scheduled flights” would operate as normal on Monday after engineers resolved the issue, but warned “there will be a small number of delays and cancellations”.

Flights cancelled at Manchester Airport

Passengers are still advised to check the status of their flight with their airline and the airport.

Consumer rights state that passengers whose flights are delayed for at least two hours (depending on the length of the flight) are entitled to two free phone calls, faxes or emails, free meals and drinks appropriate to the delay, and free hotel accommodation and hotel transfers if an overnight stay is required.

Flights delayed by more than five hours mean the airline should offer the option to be provided with an alternative flight or provide a refund.