This tiny island and its effort to destroy what’s historical and of cultural value, continues to amaze us. The exorbitant number of cranes and brick buildings going up, destroying what’s left of this island wasn’t enough… we now seem to need a Ferris wheel in Floriana!

It doesn’t come as a surprise, that heritage NGO ‘Din l-Art Ħelwa’ opposed the proposed ‘observation wheel’ near the Floriana granaries, saying that it will totally mar the area and the view to Valletta. And we totally agree!!!!

An impression of the proposed wheel.

The Ferris wheel is planned to stand 45 metres high, and will be located off St Publius Street near the Granaries. And we cannot help but say that the ugliness around us is our own doing and we still seem not to have understood this! Gradually, our beloved island most precious will end up being seen only on wall paintings in some coffee shop!

‘Din l-Art Ħelwa’ has urged the Planning Authority to dismiss this proposal outright and so do we! Say no to Floriana Ferris wheel!