If you want someone to fall in love with you, you can try to offer them an apple. But not just any apple, but a special magic apple sold by a Japanese store.

“The Poisoned Apple of Love” was created by a Japanese shop that specialises in magical accessories. The apples are grown at the foot of the Dewa Sanzen mountains, in an area that is said to be saturated with spiritual energies, also thanks to the uncontaminated nature. The apples would then undergo a “magic infusion” that would make the object of your desires fall to your feet.

magic apple instructions

The apple is accompanied by a detailed instruction sheet, which invites first of all to clean the apple, and then to recite a spell by thinking of the person whose desires they want to win thanks to. Then they or the person they want must eat the apple (it’s fine both raw and cooked). At this point there is only to wait for love to be born.

There is no evidence of the effectiveness of apples to win over the loved one. There are more certainties on the decidedly high price: 10,800 yen, equal to about 95 Euro. If nothing else, however, the apple is shipped in an elegant, well-made package