Pineapple on pizza is divisive to say the least, but it seems there’s a new tropical fruit topping in town. A Danish restaurant has created an all-new type of pizza – with ham and kiwi fruit on top.

After visiting the pizzeria, an unimpressed tourist posted a snap of the unusual pizza on Twitter – which caused a frenzy of comments to follow. Many seemed disgusted with the exotic creation and couldn’t get their head around the bizarre combination.

Image: nre1313/Reddit

One replied: ‘This is so terrifying I can’t even type now. It’s worse than I thought.’ Another outraged user added: ‘This colossal f*ckery cannot be allowed to stand.’ Someone else simply said: ‘Be gone Satan!’

But other users said they were keen to try a slice. One commented: ‘I’d eat it.’ Another chipped in: ‘I could almost taste the combined flavours of the cheese and kiwi — its saltiness and its sweetness and tartness respectively. Like it could be a good flavour combination much like that of cheese and grapes or berries.’ ‘You know what… that might not be that bad. I’d at least try it once, before talking sh*t’, another added. Another user said: ‘Yeah I’m curious if it would taste as how I am imagining it, which isn’t too terrible, I suppose.’ But it seems Scandinavia, in general, is big on rogue pizzas. A Swedish restaurant puts a different type of fruit its pizza… banana.

While another pizzeria in the country serves Pizza a la Duck – which features duck meat alongside mushrooms, blackcurrants and honey. But the UK has some peculiar pizzas, too. A restaurant up north has introduced a chicken nugget pizza and people are loving it.

Source: MetroUK