The island of Fortnite has become very famous in the web world, and today the Epic Games Battle Royale community amazes us with a new idea on the edge of artistic invention. A user has seen fit to recreate the map, in Google Maps style.

The user Reddit ‘worrywirt’ asked himself: “How would the Fortnite Royale Battle island, seen from Google Maps, look like?” Having said that, its creation can be seen in the image shown below. It is a very nice recreation, on this you will surely agree.

Also note, the care with which the user Reddit reported the roads, waterways and lakes of the island: to the north we see the Languid Lagoon with a lot of wooded area, and also the roads of the main inhabited centres they are very faithful. Currently the topic in question has received a resounding appreciation: around 12,300 upvotes, destined to grow in the coming hours.