The update of Fortnite v8.00 coinciding with the opening of Season 8 is causing quite a few problems to those who, exploring the island of battle royale Epic Games, have stumbled into an annoying bug that resets the damage points inflicted by the Pickaxe making it useless for users to use.

fortnite-season-8-music-listen-tracks-battle-passThe developers of the US video game giant are aware of the annoyance caused and, from the pages of their main social profiles, informed users that they have already started work to solve this problem quickly.

The critical points were identified by fans since the release of the v8.00 update with the opening of the new pirate-themed season. In addition to the bug of the Pickaxe that makes it unusable to inflict damage to other enemies or just to collect materials, in fact, a substantial slice of the oceanic community complained about the excessive “propulsive momentum” given by the cannon pirates and for the next introduction of the re-spawn, a feature that seems to wring the eye on Apex Legends fans and that, consequently, it could be seen as a sort of “plagiarism” of competition.

Also, the decision taken by Epic Games leaders to organise a tournament almost simultaneously with the launch of Season 8 has annoyed the pro players for the impossibility to study calmly all the news of the new season of Fortnite.