The tragedy took place as the tamer was rehearsing his performance at Italy’s famous circus – the Circo Orfei.

One of the world’s most renowned tiger tamers tragically perished on Thursday in Italy as his four trained predators mauled him to death┬áduring a rehearsal to a show that was to take place later that evening in Italy’s Circo Orfei circus.

The tamer, sixty-one-year-old Ettore Weber, was knocked down by one of the tigers while the others jumped on him and started to rip him apart. It has been reported that the tigers continued to ‘play’ with the dead body for another thirty minutes as his colleagues and the medical workers that arrived at the scene were unable to drive the animals away.

The medics stated that the tamer sustained fatal injuries, including severe trauma to the spine.┬áPolice have launched an investigation into the incident. The fate of the tigers following their master’s demise remains unclear.