Franco Zeffirelli has died in Rome at age 96. The announcement was made late in the morning by the Franco Zeffirelli Foundation. Mr Zeffirelli passed away peacefully after a long illness. He will rest in the cemetery of the Porte Sante in Florence.

Franco Zeffirelli, born Gian Franco Corsi Zeffirelli, died this morning in his home in Rome, on the Appia Antica, assisted by his adopted sons Pippo and Luciano, by a doctor and by the parish priest of the church of San Tarcisio who blessed the body.

About a week ago, according to what one learns from the family, he received extreme unction. It was reported that he had succumbed to a long illness, who has gotten worse in recent months. Master Zeffirelli, will rest in the monumental cemetery of the Porte Sante in Florence, the city where he was born on 12 February 1923. The funeral home will be set up in the Campidoglio in Rome.

Born out of wedlock by Ottorino Corsi, a cloth merchant originally from Vinci, and from the Florentine Alaide Garosi Cipriani, he had a troubled childhood due to the lack of paternal recognition, (source Wikipedia) that happened only at 19, and the premature death of the mother. Giorgio La Pira was his tutor at the time of the college in the convent of San Marco in Florence, and after attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he began as a scenographer after World War II, curating a staging of Troilo and Cressida conducted by Luchino Visconti.

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