How often can towels and sheets be used before having to be washed? Philip Terno, microbiologist and pathologist at the New York University School of Medicine, answered the question.

Even for the humidity they hold, the towels used every day are an ideal ground for the proliferation of germs and bacteria. For this reason, a towel should be used three times before putting it to wash and it should never be left wet.

close-up-clothes-clothesline-laundryFurthermore, “if a smell comes from the towel” it means that there are “microbes” and, therefore, “should be washed”. Needless then continue to dry with the same towel too many times because the bacteria could transfer to the skin.

Also on the front of the sheets , the expert added, among fungi, bacteria, hair, sweat and epithelial cells – but also food residues, traces of makeup and pollen – deposited on pillows and mattresses, it is essential to pay close attention to cleaning. The advice is to change them about every week.

air-drying-clothes-clothes-line-laundryWithout forgetting that everything that is deposited in the bed risks being inhaled, so much so that it certainly does not help those who are already suffering from allergies.

… Are you going to load the washing machine?