From her first audition to her winning the show, Michela showed she was a hard worker and a determined girl. Since then she has grown artistically and now her song, “Chameleon” has become a bit of a hit, and is doing very well in the betting odds. 

After the second rehearsal the young singer was more than happy to talk to Andy from Eurovoxx.  Check out the interview below.

The young artist told Eurovoxx that she was extremely happy to be in Tel Aviv. When asked about being so young, and how she was taking the whole experience in, she told Eurovoxx that, “I think that XFactor has helped me a lot to go through the competition, and stuff so I am doing great”.  Eurovoxx wanted to know what happened since she won the competition, and Michela  said, “Obviously I haven’t stopped working, because I wanted to deliver something extremely good, so from the day after I won XFactor everyone started working on Eurovision”.  And let’s say this, the hard work is clearly paying off.

Andy from Eurovoxx was quick to ask her if she felt any pressure, and if so how she coped with it. The talented singer told him that, “obviously everyone feels a little pressure because you are representing your country, and half the world is seeing you. There is a little bit of excitement. Even if there were ten people we were singing to, or half a million, you have to do whatever you can do in any case”.  

Of the song itself, Eurovoxx wanted to know if she felt like it was the one, and if she had any connection to it…  “From the first note I heard of Chameleon I knew I had to represent my country with it. It’s so fresh, it’s so young, I am young, it’s like me in a song, so I wanted to do something like that for Eurovision”.  

Eurovoxx wanted to know if she had a message for her Maltese followers.  The young star said, “Thank you, extremely big thank you for all of your support. It has been an amazing experience, and it’s all been because of you. Thank you for your support”.