We all remember the havoc caused during one of XFactor Malta’s auditions… the island was on fire and who was it to blame? We’re not here to point fingers, that’s for sure… but we couldn’t jut let this go by…

We present to you Dave Matheson, a prominent US ‘gay conversion therapist’. He was a leading member of an ‘ex-gay movement’ and the creator of courses that claimed to be able to change the sexuality of those who studied them. Sound familiar? Oh well, fret not… he has now divorced his wife and wants to start dating men!

Dave Matheson. Photo courtesy of Sky News.He has finally acknowledged that his work has hurt people. In a Facebook post, he revealed that he had quit the practice, after he had realised he needed to make substantial changes in his life. He wrote: “I enjoyed a happy and fulfilling marriage with my wife for many years. Overall, it was a beautiful relationship and being straight became a core part of my identity… But I also experienced attractions to men. Much of the time these were in the background. But sometimes they were very intense and led to pain and struggle in my marriage.”

Whilst remembering that the practice is illegal, when someone who was considered to be an expert on gay conversion, comes out of the closet and starts dating men, I think that speaks volumes about the damaging and ineffectiveness of this therapy. Have your say!