We all know how when one asks a medical question, everyone immediately becomes an expert on the matter giving ideas and suggestions. Whilst we hope that nobody is silly enough to follow instructions without consulting a doctor on medical matters, we sure as hell hope nobody ever does what this family did to a defenseless newborn…

A newborn died following a circumcision made in a home. It happened in Quezzi. The mother and grandmother of the small, Nigerian, were taken to the police station for questioning.

According to what was learned, it was the women themselves who called emergency services. Once they arrived, the doctors could do nothing but declare the death of the newborn and call the police. The baby was only a few weeks old, the mother is a twenty-five year old. The father is from Italy. According to investigators, to do the circumcision may have been a third person called by the two women. The investigations of the case could hypothesise the intentional homicide. The police and investigators are checking the cell phones of the mother and the grandmother of the dead baby to trace the contacts they had in recent days.

disinfectant blade circumcision
The disinfectant and some blades used for a circumcision. Image: ANSA

The mother and grandmother of the dead child were arrested for unintentional murder. They also arrested an African considered by women to be a ‘holy man’ who would have practiced the circumcision.

According to the police, the 34-year-old man of Nigerian origin, arrested on suspicion of practicing clandestine circumcision on the dead child in Genoa, was fleeing to France after being called in the night by the child’s mother and grandmother to let him know that the child was sick. The investigators tracked him down near the border using his cell phone.