Take the Money and Run! Sometimes reality goes beyond imagination, as in the case of the young woman who fled after she had credited a salary of 225,285 Euro by mistake.

The 27-year-old cleaning lady fled to Bulgaria not to return the money, but had to land in a courtroom in Germany. She was expected in Osnabrueck to attend the hearing on the case, but no trace of her. “It seems she has not received the summons in time,” a court spokesman said.

rich animals money euro inheritanceThe case has been going on for over a year. In June 2018, the woman received by mistake a salary of 225,285 Euro instead of the usual 340 Euro monthly. The employer obviously realised the mistake and asked the employee to return the money. But the girl did not respond. The woman, has already been sanctioned with a fine of 1200 Euro. Waiting to fix a new hearing, however, about 100,000 Euro disappeared from the girl’s current account, evaporated through a series of operations that were difficult to trace.