Of drugs, hired and filed, madness, schizophrenia and physical and sexual inadequacy Gianna Nannini speaks in the autobiography (full of unpublished episodes), published as a cover story by ” Vanity Fair”, a few days after the launch of “The difference”, debut single of the new self-titled album.

I have always loved men and women and I never had the brakes to hear and follow what I wanted (…) To the word gay, I prefer faggot. Who is free in language is free inside“.

A story full of his twists and turns. Like the one that occurred when she arrived very young in Milan, escaping from her Siena and from a destiny written in her father’s pastry shop: “My father had promised me a car if I had graduated earlier than expected. I did two years in one and at 18, with Lancia donated by dad, went around in this all new city making me steal the car radio to collect the insurance money that I left in plain view in the passenger seat, every three months someone regularly broke the glass and I gladly got insurance money!“.

Or when her father gave her a slap as a child by removing a paste with the cream from her hands: “It was an unconscious tragedy, which I internalised. For years I no longer touched a cream paste, I was terrified by the idea“.

Making the difference, as the title of his album states, and ensuring that he managed to do with this record, has always been his goal. There is no doubt that she has succeeded.

The love and suffering he causes are the core of his inspiration: “When I was a girl I didn’t like myself and I avoided looking at myself in the mirror. I saw myself ugly. The long nose, the tits that didn’t want to grow, the physical development which was slow in arriving and an aesthetic canon that did not fit in with the one in vogue. Adolescence is a terrible age … “. It was then that she decided to become a singer.

Of homosexuality and gender differences she speaks without hesitation: “The divisions, starting from those of gender, have never interested me much. I have always loved men and women and above all I have never had brakes in feeling and following what I wanted. I have always refused the definitions. In the end, to the “coming out”, I have always preferred the word freedom. To the gay word, I prefer faggot… Free in language is free inside“.

In the long biography Gianna also tells of the darkest moments of her life: “I have experienced the madness and I have also experienced schizophrenia. I know what I am. I happened to die and then be reborn. In the early 80s I was very sick, I was full of paranoia, I was experiencing a deep crisis, I had a divided self, an altered mental state and fear of everything, like a child… “. Then it touches the drugs chapter: “Except for the heroin, I tried them all. From cocaine, for some time, almost forty years ago, I was dependent (…).”

In 1983 a period of isolation in Cologne, passed to compose together with the producer and musician Conny Plank, to make music and to abandon “the Gianna of before to leave space to the new one. In a sense it is as if I had been born in 1983. The Gianna that there was first rests in a cemetery“.