Finding a gift for a man should be a simple thing: men tend to be explicit and direct, and therefore when we talk about “gifts for him” we simply need to listen, as they will surely tell you what they like.

In any case, the surest way to choose something he likes is to avoid taking something he  doesn’t like. There are some mistakes to avoid, unpleasant foolishness, errors that are more common than you might think. We immediately give you the solution: the secret is to avoid trying to read too much between the lines and to focus on personalisation and on something original that makes leverage on your passions.

The first suggestion is to pay attention to shower / bathroom kits and the like: although they are often presented as “men’s gift ideas”. Not all men pay so much attention to the fragrances of soaps, and there is an easy risk that your gift will be perceived as having almost no value. Furthermore, the “smell” for men is a personal thing, and so if your boyfriend is the type who might be interested in scented soaps and the like, he would probably prefer to choose them himself. If you are sure that this is the kind of surprise for him that you appreciate, bet on something that combines quality products with kit style (for example, vintage).

A second suggestion is to not fall into the error of giving him “that t-shirt with which he would be so good in”: you are not able to choose clothes for your boy more than he is able to choose yours. Furthermore, it is very likely that “that shirt” is so pleasing to you, not to him: he might not like that you try to turn it into that model that you like so much.

Another gift that may not be successful is a couple’s treatment for two at the spa or the like: it’s clearly something you’ve taken for yourself with the excuse of bringing him too. It’s like he gives you two tickets for his favorite team’s game.

You should also avoid technological objects that you know nothing about: the idea of ​​giving a camera or smartphone as a gift can certainly be valid, but as long as you have the technical knowledge to make a valid choice. Otherwise you will only cause him the annoyance of having an object that is not right for him, and that cannot even change for fear of hurting you. If you want to focus on technology, choose something that he probably didn’t think of, like a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to use in the for him - shower speaker

But what are the things to do to choose the right gift, then? The common suggestion is to focus on sympathy and originality, but trying to avoid the gadget as an end in itself, that is the thing that he will use only once because it is an absolutely impractical object. But even this could be forgivable, if it “contains” a sincere and heartfelt message.

The ideal is to find something that combines its passions with practical aspects: for example, if your “he” is a fan of Star Wars, a “Death-Lamp” could certainly look good.

Or, a good way is to focus on customization: even a simple object like a notepad can become something precious and unique if customized with a message that comes from the heart.surprises for him - customizable notebook