Paige Daughtry used excessive deodorant and was obsessed with odours and personal hygiene. It would have been the inhalation of harmful substances that killed her at the age of 12.

The student was found unconscious with her body face down on her mother’s bed after spraying perfume on herself and in the rooms of a small trailer rented on vacation with her family in Fleetwood, UK.

The girl was intoxicated by the fumes of the deodorant while listening to music, the race to the hospital was worth nothing. Paige died two hours later, despite attempts to revive her. The police are investigating the tragedy and according to reports from the Sun, according to the doctors, the child would have inhaled butane and isobutane.

Paige was a solar student with a great desire to live and the ambition to work in the art world. “She spent hours in the bedroom using the spray because she didn’t want to smell bad odours,” the family told the court. “I suppose a 12-year-old does it normally, but she exaggerated. We never thought it could be a problem”.