She managed to survive three days, and to keep her newborn baby brother alive just two months after her parents died.

It happened in Los Angeles, the heroine is a three-year-old girl. On the morning of April 18th, the tragedy: David Kooros Parsa, who had long been suffering from depressive and stress disorders, killed his wife Mihoko Koike Parsa and took his own life, leaving his two children alone at home.

After three days the children’s grandfather, worried because he could not reach his son, and so he phoned the police. But the agents only did an external check of the house, without detecting any problems.

Image: Wikimedia Photo

The man did not give up, and in the afternoon of the same day he contacted a real estate agent who had the house keys. The man, together with his neighbours, entered the house in the evening, and waiting for him he found the three-year-old girl. “She had a lost look on her face, she was very silent”, says a neighbour. The little brother was upstairs in the cottage.

Both, dehydrated and hungry, were taken to the hospital for checkups but are in good health. It is not known if they saw the shooting with their own eyes. What is known is that the three-year-old girl managed to keep herself and her two-month old brother alive for over 72 hours. “A little angel, in my eyes she is a heroine,” said Los Angeles police captain Maureen Ryan.