We do love a cake fail, especially when the end result looks far ruder than intended. For Brielle and Lesley, their cake fail was a classic incident of a unicorn design looking rather phallic.

Brielle Langdon, six, was spending the day with her grandmother, Lesley McGrotty, and decided to make some unicorn cupcakes bought from a quick mix pack.

Picture: Facebook / Kennedy News

Lesley was horrified when she realised her granddaughter’s attempts at unicorn ears and a horn looked like a penis and testicles, but couldn’t convince Brielle not to take the cakes to school for her teachers.

The grandmother-of-three claims even tried to ‘forget’ the baking when they left for school in the morning, but insistent Brielle refused to leave the cakes behind. Lesley, 56, claims she was ‘mortified’ as she watched Brielle take the six cupcakes into school to give to her teachers, who were in hysterics at the phallic resemblance.

Lesley, from Swansea, Wales, said: ‘I was absolutely mortified. I was laughing and mortified, thinking I would do anything for her not to take them in, but she wasn’t having it. ‘We had to take them. Unless I told her they looked like willies, she wouldn’t know a thing. ‘I had Brielle for the day because she had been off school. I picked up a box of unicorn cakes and were supposed to be unicorns on top. This is what she ended up doing.

Picture: Kennedy News

‘I did try and get her to change them without saying why, because obviously I knew what they were looking like. ‘But no, she was adamant they were unicorns and that’s what she was going to leave them as. ‘She only made six and she wanted to take them in for the teachers. Nothing was going to put her off. I did try talking her out of it but she wasn’t having it.

‘It was really difficult [handling it] without saying, ‘you can’t take them in’ because she’s convinced they’re unicorns. ‘We cut out the discs on top and then she was rolling the thing to make the horn, and I did try and get her to roll it around to get it to look like a horn, but she wouldn’t leave me to do it. ‘We usually make Welsh cakes together, which are a lot easier. You can’t go wrong with them. ‘I definitely won’t be making unicorn cakes with her again. We’ll be sticking to Welsh cakes.’

Source: MetroUK