Now this we had never heard of before! So, in Vermont America, the residents of Fair Haven had to vote for the mayor of the locality. Up until then, nothing out of the ordinary – we do it too…

However, what we do not do… is cast our vote for goats! When the residents of Fair Haven, were to vote for the “mayor of the locality”, they chose a goat named Lincoln to be the honorary mayor.

Goat honorary mayor Vermont

Lincoln (the goat) was elected with 13 votes, while Sammie (a female dog) received 10 votes. As the first honorary mayor, Lincoln will attend activities during the year and there are plans for him to take part in the Memorial Day parade.

Fair Haven is made up of 2,500 people and they have opted for a mayor that is not human. Joseph Gunter to take care of the location heard that in Michigan they had voted to have an honorary mayor and he thought it to be something interesting for a town like Fair Haven.

With only $5, residents could sign up their pets to a race. Every dollar goes to build a playground in the community. During this activity, they collected $100 and was an innovative event to introduce the idea of how elections work to the young children of kindergarten.