Now this all the ladies knew about but it is nice to make it official, right? Just in case anyone complains about us seeing our friends often! Well here it goes – Going out with friends is good for physical and mental health! It helps protect the body from stress, anxiety and depression. Qed tifhem!?

This is revealed by various psychology studies that claim that social relationships help us live longer. Women should never give up going out with friends, even when they start a family. Carving out an outing a week with your trusted friends can be therapeutic and stimulating.

Researcher Julianne Holt – Lunstad of Brigham Young University, has launched a series of researches on the link between loneliness and mortality. In-depth studies have shown that being surrounded by trusted people is stimulating for our brain. Going out with friends, spending pleasant hours of relaxation, leisure, shopping sends signals of security, protection and optimism to one’s mind. The company of friends stimulates the production of endorphins which allow our body to perceive less pain. In this way, a more vital and positive approach to the events and situations we experience every day is acquired.

beautiful-cute-face-girls friendsThe effects of going out with friends on our health are many. Here are the main ones:

– Increases the immune defenses: some researches by Ohio State University have shown that women in a social group are less likely to contract infectious diseases. Going out with friends teaches us to share the experiences of our own existence;

– Keeps young: everything that is good for our soul has repercussions on the body that is in shape;

– It gives more self-esteem: the perception we have of ourselves, often does not correspond to the truthful and external. The sincere judgments of our most trusted friends serve us to gain awareness of certain aspects that often escape our perception and control. Friends are our mirror. They support us, encourage us, help us to acquire new awareness and more confidence in ourselves;

– It makes you vital and carefree: going out with your friends means giving yourself hours of light-heartedness and lightness away from responsibilities, obligations and duties. We are full of vital energy, useful for facing everyday life;

– It is therapeutic: between friends there are problems and family issues that haunt the mind. Talking about them makes us free from all the accumulated tensions. It’s a bit like going to a psychologist;

– It is good for the couple: staying with friends once a week or a month regenerates love. In the eyes of her boyfriend or husband, knowing that her partner cultivates interests and social bonds makes her perceive her “less obvious”;

– Stimulates creativity: exchanging opinions, points of view, life stories is a source of creative input and teachings. It gives you a new vision of your existence.