Apple is planning the separation and retirement of iTunes which will be divided into several other more specific applications and each dedicated to a specific topic and area. There will in fact be the app for the TV, one for music, one for Podcast and one for the books, a bit as we used Google for its Android operating system.

If on the one hand you go to separate, on the other you go to unify and it is indeed this the goal of Apple that has as its necessity that of dismembering its historical software / service to make each individual area more flexible and independent.

And the reason is easy to say, given that with an app for every sector, it will be easier to point to the great goal of the Cupertino company – that is to make one and only one the operating system of bitten apple products not creating more barriers nor distinctions between macOs and iOS that currently divide the world of fixed and portable computers from that of devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

apple itunes
Image: Apple

The separation of the various internal services in iTunes follows the path traced by the event of last March 25 when Apple gave confirmation of the arrival of the TV application also on MacOs therefore on Macs. In this present where everything is interconnected and multi-platform, where devices of various categories must be able to communicate with each other in a flexible, fast, fast way and without wires and cables, iTunes is an anchor that is firmly linked to the past.

The end of the eighteen year old iTunes was marked for some time, to speed up this unification process. The first step will be seen with the diffusion of MacOs 10.15 which will make the new Music, Podcast, TV and Book from iTunes apps independent , so that they will no longer have to do as necessary (and a bit boring) through, as discovered by developer Guiherme Rambo. Also, see tweets, it seems that the Music, Podcasts and TV will be made with Marzipan, technology for easy porting of iPad apps on Mac.

The umpteenth confirmation of the near end of iTunes is given by the new version of Podcast with the programs that can be heard directly from the platform without having to open, precisely, the mother software. The last clue concerns the direct url of the podcasts that no longer refers to iTunes but to the official website of the programs. In short, everything is ready for an epochal change for Apple, retiring iTunes after 18 years.