Other than chocolates, small escapades of love outside the city or candlelit dinners… Nowadays, for some, the most romantic gift is the one that makes them more beautiful… In fact, there are more and more couples who, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, turn to the cosmetic surgeon… this is at least according to what emerges from the data presented in Paris in recent days.

The most passionate Valentine’s Day is therefore the one that gives beauty; and if the men were once to pay for super sexy intimate outfits and to book small getaways in the spas to make their lovers more seductive and fascinating, today it’s the ladies who take care of the physical appearance of their men!

In particular, it is women who request advice from specialists to give their partners a new look or a flat abdomen as illustrated by Dr. Uberto Giovannini, a Milanese cosmetic surgeon, during his participation at the 21st Imcas Congress (International Masterclass on Anti Aging Science), held a few days ago in the French capital.

Among the aesthetic interventions that the partners give to their lovers, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, but not only, blepharoplasty for bags under the eyes and peeling for dark circles prevail. In third place on the podium we find among the most requested surgeries, the  surgical rhinoplasty and also the medical one, which consists in the only use of hyaluronic acid to reshape the nose.

medical professionals working

Moving away from the face, among the most numerous and constantly growing requests is the  remodeling of the pectorals: reduction in the case of gynecomastia (or excessive development of the male breasts) or the opposite of augmentation with lipofilling, a surgical method that consists of taking your own fat from parts of the body – such as the abdomen, hips, thighs – and its transfer, after appropriate treatment, into other parts such as the buttocks, calves, legs and abdomen.

There is also no lack of attention to the hair with special hair care treatments, which provide injections into the scalp to counteract hair loss, liposuction of the abdomen and, more and more often, also of the love handles.

Undoubtedly a very personal gift, but beware: cosmetic surgery is neither frivolous nor superficial, it allows patients to be reconciled with their own image realising their desires . Ultimately, it is a gift for your own well-being and, in this case, also for that of your partner, at least according to the doctors: and if they say so …