Google continues to test new tools for its web browser, one of the most used in the world: Google Chrome.

Among the new additions you will soon be able to also note the presence of a Play button to play videos and music directly from the toolbar, that is from the toolbar of the navigation menu.

Thanks to the Play command, Google Chrome users can start and stop playing videos and music directly in a specific window of their web browser, a possibility without a doubt is very convenient.

There is also good news for those who have already installed Chrome Canary, and that is the possibility to manually activate the button by going to the URL chrome: // flags / and then selecting the Global Media Controls option. Finally you will have to restart the browser to save the changes made.

It is not clear when the Google Chrome Play button will be enabled for all Google browser users, probably however this will happen by the end of summer 2019. Meanwhile, you might consider taking a closer look at the Google Chrome Dark Mode.