GOOGLE Maps Street View has an uncanny habit of capturing people in the middle of actions they’d likely prefer were not broadcasted over the internet. One couple at the French seaside were snapped doing something very private indeed.

Image: Google Maps

Google Maps Street View is a useful tool for exploring all corners of the globe from the comfort of your device. Its purpose is intended for practical reasons but that’s not all the mapping service provides. Google Maps has become an unlikely source or comedy, entertainment and intrigue over the years.

The tech giant snaps scenes all over the world as it maps the globe and sometimes captures some very interesting sights.

Sometimes people who have no idea they’re being photographed are caught by Google’s lens.

Those caught by Street View can unwittingly find global fame, although faces are always blurred out.

One couple was caught by Google Maps in the middle of a very intimate scene indeed at Cap-d’Ail, on the coast of the south of France.

Image: Google Maps

They appear to have no knowledge that the photograph is being taken but, luckily for them, they cannot be identified.

The Street View shot shows the man and woman enjoying a day in the sun by the sea.

They appear to be sunbathing on a vast flat rock as they enjoy their alone time together.

In fact, the pair are enjoying their alone time so much they seem to have made the most of the opportunity.