The importance of Google Maps in the daily life of many people is beyond comprehension. The application of Mountain View is crucial for all those people who travel and must reach a destination that is not particularly known.

Google Maps has added numerous features to its already extensive toolbox over the past few months. For example, a speedometer and an indicator for speed cameras and tutors are now available on the app .

From what emerges from some surveys on the web, however, we must pay particular attention to the use of Google Maps.

The scams are lurking on the navigation platform. The crux of the matter is the numerous commercial activities on the maps. In this regard, more and more commercial activities are sponsored on Maps.

The surveys were carried out in densely populated areas such as New York and Los Angeles. Well, from the numbers we can see that in the projection on the app there are over ten million fake activities. The anomaly does not concern restaurants and hotels as much as the activities of alleged freelancers.

Sometimes, contacting companies or professionals directly from Maps can lead to numerous problems for users. It is therefore necessary to be very careful: for example, it can always be useful to read the reviews of the service.