Google Maps gives a nod to bicycle lovers and those who use sustainable means. After introducing support for electric scooters (for the moment only in the United States), the Mountain View developers have added to the navigation app a feature that makes the indications to follow more precise, using means like Uber or the bicycle .

The new function integrates the use of the bike or ride-sharing services when choosing the “public transport” option in the indications of Google Maps . If the bus or train stop is too far from our position and walking will take too long, the app shows us how much time is spent with the bike or other similar systems . In addition to the two wheels, Google Maps also shows other alternatives to give us all the possible options. The new feature will arrive in 30 countries next week, but Google has not specified what they are. In the event that there will be no Italy, users do not have to worry: the Mountain View company has ensured that within a few weeks it will be released all over the world.

How to use the new Google Maps feature

A complete integration between different means of transport. This is what Google Maps aims at with the new feature developed. So far when trying to chose the option of public transport, to cover the “first and last mile”, ie the distance to get to the stop bus or train and the one to reach the final destination, the application suggested walking. But the distance to be covered is not always short. With the new feature, Google Maps suggests alternative means to cover “first and last mile”: bicycles, ride sharing services or Uber. In this way the user can choose the vehicle that best suits his needs.

To start using the new Google Maps feature, you need to update the application to the latest version.

When will the new Google Maps feature be available?

As anticipated at the beginning, the official release will begin next week and will cover 30 countries around the world. In the following weeks the release will continue and will cover most of the countries where Google Maps is available.