Google Maps is the most used navigation service in the world because it provides maps of any location; users who use their service have access to both the web version and the smartphone version; with the latter, you need to download the app from the Play Store or App Store without incurring any costs.

The Mountain View giant has always worked on the Maps service since the number of users increases considerably; in fact, it is necessary to guarantee an efficient, fast and intuitive service; users appreciate this service mainly because they have different and useful features.

In this regard, Google has decided to work together with its development team to introduce a new function through a new update; here I reveal more details about it.

Google Maps is updated: the new feature available is incredible

For all users who use the Maps service in web version or in app version can access a great novelty thanks to the last update introduced; the Mountain View giant has decided to integrate a tool to visualize a 3D map.

Through this new tool it is much easier to find your way through the service to be reached because the 3D map allows a much more realistic view; to access you must open Google Maps, click on the square in the upper right corner by selecting map details and then click on 3D .

To view the map in its original quality it is recommended to use this tool with a mobile or PC device with discrete hardware .