Big hole in the computer security of Apple mobile phones. Through a series of “malicious” sites it has been possible for two years to hack iPhones using a series of iOS vulnerabilities, Apple’s operating system dedicated to mobile devices. The discovery is from a group of Google Project Zero researchers who immediately warned the “colleagues”.

The vulnerabilities were reported in Cupertino in February and Apple engineers immediately developed security fixes.
iphone 2019“The simple visit to the compromised site was sufficient for the server to attach the device and, if successful, install a monitoring system,” explains Ian Beer, researcher at Project Zero. In practice, hackers could have access to the iPhone, installing malicious applications and even monitoring the user’s activity without their knowledge.
For Google researchers, these vulnerabilities would also be exploited to steal photos and messages and to track their position in real time. The security vulnerability was present from iOS 10 to iOS 12, Apple released iOS 12.1.4 to correct all problems encountered.