Google has blocked phone maker Huawei from some updates to the Android operating system setting them back in the smartphone race. New models of Huawei smartphones will have limited access to apps that are commonly used by most consumers.

Google restricts use of Android on Huawei devices

The move comes after the Trump administration added Huawei to a list of companies that American firms cannot trade with unless they have a licence. Since Google is a US company and a lot of us use their systems and services, this will impact users all over the world.

In a statement, Google said it was “complying with the order and reviewing the implications”.Huawei declined to comment.

Google restricts use of Android on Huawei devices

What does this mean for Huawei users?

Current Huawei smartphone users will be able to update apps and push through security fixes, as well as update Google Play services. The problem will come when Google launches the next version of Android later this year, it may not be available on Huawei devices at all.

Upcoming Huawei devices may no longer have access to common apps such as YouTube and Maps.


Best steer away from these devices for now if you wish to use the latest Andorid OS and common Google apps.. hopefully there will be some sort of agreement to resolve this matter.