Google, although a giant in many different fields of technology, is mainly and historically one thing: research; born as a search engine for the web, Google continues to offer one of the best services in this sector, always updating with new features. One of these, appeared in recent days to some users, is the vision of bookmarks in the search for YouTube videos.

The display of bookmarks related to a video would appear when the video is searched with the Google app, and if the so-called timestamps were added in the description of the video (indication of what is spoken in the video and in which minute).

The bookmarks allow you to open the search result video directly at the point of interest, avoiding looking at it all in search of the information we need; the display would also be different depending on the case (perhaps it is a feature still being developed by BigG): so here in some cases the bookmarks are accompanied by the thumbnail of the video per minute.

Some users are instead experiencing a partial activation of the feature, which shows a large white space where the bookmarks should appear.

According to reports, the new feature would have been spotted on the latest beta of the Google app (v10.7.4.21); in case you want to try it out, we leave you the link to download the APK from APKMirror below…

Google App beta APK Download | APKMirror