Back pain, as well as neck pain (cervicalgia or cervical pain) could increase the risk of death from all causes and in particular from cardiovascular problems (heart attack and stroke). 

It is suggested by a study published in the European Journal of Pain, and conducted involving 4390 Danish over-70 twins to assess whether pain in the spine (back – low back pain – and neck – neck pain) was somehow associated with greater risk of death.

Studying pairs of identical twins that fully share their DNA allows us to exclude the influence of genetic factors at the base of the greatest risk of death. The experts saw that between the two brothers, the twin with back pain or with cervical pain always had a risk of death greater than that of the brother without pain of the column. 

back pain

Experts have estimated this risk and found that pain in the spine (back or neck) increases by 13% every year the risk of dying from all causes.

Factors that bind vertebral pain to death risk remain to be understood. It may also be that this association is purely the mirror of a greater global fragility of the individual that exposes him to bad health in general and therefore also to back pain, which concerns something like 700 million individuals in the world and is considered among the problems health problems.