Green tea can be good for the intestines and can help fight obesity. This is what emerges from a study carried out by the Ohio State University and published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 

The research was conducted on mice. Those who followed a diet of 2% green tea extract had an improvement in intestinal health compared to others. A greater presence of beneficial microbes and lower permeability of the walls has been demonstrated.
   green tea

Mice fed on a diet high in fat and green tea gained about 20 percent less weight and had less insulin resistance than mice fed an identical diet but without tea. The amount of green tea in the experiment would be equivalent to about 10 cups of green tea per person. A daily value, the researchers explained, that would not be far from the usual consumption in some areas of the world. 

“This study provides evidence that green tea encourages the growth of good intestinal bacteria, and that it leads to a number of benefits that significantly reduce the risk of obesity,” said Richard Bruno, a professor of human nutrition and one of the researchers who has conducted the analysis.